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• "[I]t is a welcome breath of fresh air to find a volume that exceeds all reasonable expectations when it comes to maps. The Old North State at War: The North Carolina Civil War Atlas, the astonishing result of a decade of work by Mark A. Moore and colleagues Jessica Bandel and Michael Hill, is a masterwork of the cartographic arts. . . . The atlas is the product of a once in a lifetime opportunity to create something truly unique and special and all involved really went above and beyond the call of duty. Not enough superlatives exist to adequately praise this volume." Civil War Books and Authors

• "Reports and books produced by state agencies are usually, well, fairly dry and unexciting. That’s what makes The Old North State at War: The North Carolina Civil War Atlas, by the North Carolina Office of Archives and History, so unusual. Authors Mark Anderson Moore, Jessica Bandel and Michael Hill have created the only state-level Civil War atlas of its kind."—America's Civil War

• "'Freedom, Sacrifice, and Memory' were the themes of the N.C. Office of Archives and History’s observance of the Civil War Sesquicentennial. The exquisite coffee table book The Old North State at War: The North Carolina Civil War Atlas is the agency’s crown jewel, the product of a decade’s research and writing and the only work of its kind. . . . Mark Anderson Moore and co-authors Jessica A. Bandel and Michael Hill have compiled a remarkable book, one that transcends North Carolina’s Civil War battles and campaigns. . . . Readers will especially welcome the book’s state of the art pictorial and cartographic depictions. . . . Readers at all levels will judge The Old North State at War a great event in North Carolina historical publishing. It honors the sacrifices of those Tarheels blue and gray, black and white, female and male whose stories of "Freedom, Sacrifice, and Memory" continue to resonate today. —The News & Observer

• "For the hardcore Civil War buff, this 200-page volume offers something close to what author Tony Horwitz called 'wargasm' . . . The Old North State at War, by editor and cartographer Mark A. Moore, offers nearly 100 maps, in large-scale format and in great detail. . . an essential reference work for any public or academic library." —Wilmington Star-News

• "As stunning in scope as it is in its presentation, [The Old North State at War] is a compilation of North Carolina's role in the Civil War. . . . [I]t's much more than a traditional blow by blow look at major battles. Instead, the text highlights the military engagements and analyzes the war's social, economic and political consequences. . . [A] definitive look at North Carolina through the war years. . . . Thanks to the maps, battle information is presented as never before. . . . [Michael] Hill couldn't be more pleased with the result, calling Mark Moore the nation's premier Civil War cartographer." —Carolina Shore, Morehead City, N.C.


• "[A]n unsurpassed publication . . . a must for all battlefield stompers who lust to walk in the steps of history . . . a model of excellence for which future publications of this character will strive." —Edwin C. Bearss, Historian Emeritus, National Park Service

• "A masterful piece of work." —John G. Barrett, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Military Institute

• "Skillfully and effectively employing tactical and modern highway maps, along with a clear explanatory narrative that is keyed to both, Mark A. Moore's book on the Battle of Bentonville is simply the best Civil War battlefield guide ever compiled. It will serve as a model for all future efforts." —Craig L. Symonds, Professor Emeritus, United States Naval Academy

• "The quality of Moore's Historical Guide to the Battle of Bentonville is so remarkable that I have had to implement a waiting list for people to see it." —Lt. Col. Al Aycock, John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Fort Bragg, N.C.

• "Moore's Battle of Bentonville is undoubtedly the finest battlefield resource ever seen by this reviewer. The maps are models of clarity and comprehensiveness . . . . Perhaps most importantly, Moore's masterful work places Bentonville in the complete context of Sherman's Carolinas Campaign and the entire Carolina-Virginia Theater. This work is unquestionably indispensable to both the serious Civil War scholar and the tourist." —Civil War News

• "Moore's Battle of Bentonville is a greatly welcome piece of historical literature . . . . Mark Moore shows in vast detail the last major battle of the war. The full page maps are masterfully drawn and show the troop movements on an easy to follow scale. The commentary and insights . . . are extremely helpful in understanding the action." —North & South

• "Bentonville is . . . one of the most dramatic, and in many ways poignant, scenes of the very late War 1865 . . . . Moore quite brilliantly lets much of the story be told by the participants, in well-selected quotes from diaries, letters, official reports and postwar books." —Civil War Interactive

• "The outstanding maps in this large-format guide . . . link the past with the present, depicting both the movements of the 'bluebellies' and 'rebels' in 1865 and modern highways you can travel with ease to inspect the ground." —Fayetteville Observer-Times


• "Mark Moore has used this re-examination of the Fort Fisher campaign to demonstrate the importance of the Crimean War as the most recent conflict between major powers, and a key stage in the development of the modern earthwork fortification. . . . Moore has placed us all in his debt with his skilled cartography and clear exposition of the last great example of naval power projection in the American Civil War." —Andrew D. Lambert, Department of War Studies, King's College, London

• "A tour de force!" . . . the best publication of this character that I have seen in more than 50 years." —Edwin C. Bearss, Historian Emeritus, National Park Service

• "[E]xcellent, well researched, and soundly reasoned and presented." —Steven E. Woodworth, Texas Christian University

• "Lavishly illustrated with outstanding maps and both contemporary and modern photographs, this is the definitive study of the capture of the Confederacy's last seacoast bastion, Fort Fisher. Outstanding value." —North & South

• "It is doubtful that any history of a Civil War campaign has ever been better illustrated than this one . . . . Mark Moore is a master at military maps, and the ones in this volume are unsurpassed in their accuracy, detail, and clarity . . . . His narrative is well written, thoughtful, and accurate . . . . Every battle scholar and armchair general of the Civil War will want to own this book." —Joe A. Mobley, North Carolina Historical Review

• "Don't be fooled by all the artwork. This book is chock full of great writing and solid research." —The Parapet, Civil War Fortification Study Group


• "The reader has one advantage that the soldier did not have, and it is a big one: the thirty-six exquisite battlefield maps by Mark A. Moore which depict the location of forces down to the regimental level and are among the best maps in any book." —Craig L. Symonds, Professor Emeritus, United States Naval Academy

• "Last Stand in the Carolinas is a fine, fine book. . . . The numerous maps are especially helpful." —Richard M. McMurry, Valdosta State University, North Carolina State University

• "The 36 Maps by Mark A. Moore are superb. They go beyond complementing the text—one could practically follow the battle and understand all the action by using the maps alone." —America's Civil War

• "An important addition is the 36 maps by North Carolina cartographer Mark A. Moore. Moore is a long-time student of the battle and his maps are crucial to the reader's understanding of what happened in the closing days of the war in North Carolina. Moore's maps are such a significant part of the book that future writers would be wise to use his work as an example of the importance of maps in works of military history." —Star-News, Ocala, Florida

• "Not only are there 600 pages of text; Thirty-six clear and concise maps occupy as many pages. Produced for this book by Mark A. Moore, the cartography . . . adds tremendously to the lucidity of the study as a whole." —Civil War Courier, Buffalo, New York


• "Mark A. Moore, whose excellent maps added so much to [Last Stand in the Carolinas], returns to work his magic with maps on [Last Rays of Departing Hope], establishing himself as one of, if not the leading cartographer producing Civil War maps today. . . . Kudos to Savas Publishing for providing consistently well-researched, well-written volumes [and] a hearty well done to Chris Fonvielle Jr. and Mark Moore." —America's Civil War

• "[Last Rays] is . . . very well designed [with] good use of numerous photos and maps. In fact, the battlefield maps in this book are particularly notable because they remain clear and readable and are still packed with pertinent detail. These maps also include an exceptional double-sided fold-out that features the defenses of the Cape Fear River and details of Fort Fisher." —Bugle Call

• "[S]ome of the finest maps ever to grace the pages of a Civil War book." —Blue & Gray

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